Targeting Maths NSW Australian Curriculum Edition

Targeting Maths NSW Australian Curriculum Edition, for primary school Years K–6. Your targeted approach to learning and teaching primary Mathematics.

pp2153-star.gif The Complete Mathematics Program for your school Student Books, Teaching Guides, Interactive CD-ROMs, Mentals workbooks for home learning and innovative Targeting Maths iPad Apps combine to make NSW Targeting Maths the complete package!
pp2153-star.gif NSW Australian Curriculum Edition Fully aligned with both the NSW Syllabus and the Australian Curriculum. NSW Syllabus outcomes appear alongside the Australian Curriculum Code and Content Descriptions on each page of the NSW Targeting Maths Student Books.
pp2153-star.gif NSW Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition includes an Integrated Problem-solving Program that actively builds students' problem-solving capabilities.
pp2153-star.gif Regular Revision Mid-term and end-of-term revision pages to revise key concepts.
pp2153-star.gif NAPLAN*-style practice tests and mid-term revision allows students to improve their test taking skills as they revise.

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