Targeting Phonics

The ability to decode and encode words efficiently underpins success with reading and writing and Targeting Phonics teaches these skills using a systematic synthetic phonics approach which follows the teaching progression recommended in the Australian and NSW Curriculums. A unique feature of this series is the sound card page that links (using a QR code) to mini videos of the cards with an audio component to assist with correct pronunciation.

Each book includes:
  • the 26 letters of the alphabet (graphemes) and their relationship to the 44 sounds (phonemes) of the English language
  • the initial sounds of the 21 consonants
  • the five short vowels (a, e, i, o, u)

  • Review pages follow each unit with activities covering comprehension, spelling and high frequency words. The back section of this book provides:
  • Assessment for all the letters and sounds
  • Word Lists for each unit
  • High frequency Sight Word cards that can be photocopied and laminated as flashcards
  • Answers.