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Prepare for the school year and save 20% with this comprehensive Phonics Book Pack.

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed:

Targeting Phonics Book 1

The Targeting Phonics series uses systematic synthetic phonics and follows the learning progression in the Australian Curriculum.

This book introduces students to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet and their most common sounds. This includes the 21 consonants introduced initially at the beginning of words and the five short vowels. Each unit provides activities for students to blend sounds to make and spell words using graphemes. Activities are reviewed at the end of each unit of four new letters, with a full review included at the end of the book.

Targeting Phonics Book 2

This book includes a short revision of the 26 letters covered in Book 1, then students learn the long vowel sounds and the consonant digraphs. Each sound is accompanied by photographic Sound Cards accessible online, aiding in correct pronunciation. Students engage in activities involving reading, spelling, and blending words formed with new and previously learned sounds. Revision and assessment are included in each unit.

Targeting Phonics Book 3

In Book 3, students learn the most common sounds and their representation in the English language and will be able to decode single and multi-syllable words they encounter. The units covers 'r' controlled vowels, vowel diagraphs, vowel trigraphs, consonant trigraphs, silent letters and less common sounds. Sound Cards with images and audio pronunciation are accessible online for additional support. Revision activities and reading comprehension exercises follow each unit, with an assessment section at the end of the book covering all units. Students also learn high frequency words and practice reading and comprehension with short passages.

The Mega Book of Phonics Worksheets

This resource is the ultimate fun and easy resource to teach reading with phonics! It is packed with seven lessons of worksheets, games and activities to engage early readers and improve their skills in pronunciation, comprehension, spelling and vocabulary.

This resource includes:

  • 240 photocopiable worksheets
  • Answers for all worksheets
  • Instructions with overviews, games and activities, suggested reading and word lists for each of the seven lessons
  • Phoneme and sight-word cards to cut out
  • Perforated pages for ease of removal and use

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