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Excel Test Zone is Australia’s number one online test practice site developed by Pascal Press to help prepare primary and high school students for NAPLAN* Online tests, Opportunity Class Placement Tests, and Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests. It is also used for general practice throughout the year to improve in key subjects and prepare for school exams!


Excel Test Zone is brought to you by Excel, the test preparation experts in Australia for over 30 years. All our tests are prepared by a team of educators with extensive experience in publishing quality educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Our Online Test Packs include:

• Test Pack available for students in years 3 to 9.


• Hundreds of questions to practise—your child will become familiar with the types of questions and formats of the actual tests.

• Detailed answers and explanations for every question—your child will learn as they go.

• Access to a range of different reports—you will get feedback on your child’s progress.


• Class Licenses available exclusively for schools. 

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Excel Test Zone is the perfect partner to Excel Books. They complement the online practice tests and are an effective way to memorise and retain information through writing on paper. Students will be able to prepare thoroughly for topic revision using books and then practise online test questions on the computer, tablet or phone. Browse through the range below and start preparing!