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Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition


The Complete Mathematics Program for your school

Student books, Teaching guides, Interactive CD-ROMs, Mentals for home learning and huge all-new iPad Apps make Targeting Maths the complete package!


Student Books

Teaching Guides with CD ROMs

Mentals / Homework Book



Easy implementation of the Australian Curriculum with full colour Teaching Guides that include everything you need from Year Planners to Assessment Work sheets.

Easy Implementation of the Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum Alignment

Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions are aligned to each page.

The proficiency strands coverage is shown by these 4 icons in the Teaching Guides and Student Books.

The complete program also includes teacher guided learning sequences, authentic hands on differentiated learning experiences, best practice teaching and learning and links to quality maths literature for F - 2.

Teachers Guides are Coming Soon.

Learn - Student Books

Engaging Student Books and Apps for Improved Learning.

Easy Implementation of the Australian Curriculum

The student book that children love to use!

Student Workbooks are full of student-friendly activities with instructions that are easy to read and understand. Students enjoy using these books.

Activity books provide suggestions for rich mathematical tasks across a range of learning styles.

The books also include links to extra resources that assist, reinforce and extend.

Learn - Student Apps

Engaging Student Books and Apps for blended 21st century learning.

Targeting Maths App Features

Targeting Maths Apps

The first Australian Curriculum maths app for iPad with a huge range of activities! Choose from Training, Timed or Multiplayer.

Multiple accounts – tracks progress and achievements for each student.

The apps can be integrated as set homework tasks.

School Bulk Purchase available!

Save 50% when purchasing 20+ copies of an individual app. Redeemable via


Targeting Maths includes an Integrated Problem Solving Program that actively builds students’ problem solving capabilities.

Integrated Problem Solving Program

Problem Solving

Integrated Problem Solving Program embeds problem solving in every unit. Children learn new skills and then apply them to a variety of interesting problems.

Student's workbooks include an integrated problem solving program that actively builds students abilities to think mathematically, solve problem and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.


Revision pages appear at mid-term and at the end of each term to revise key concepts.

Regular Revision

Mid-term & End of Term Revision

Mid-term and end of term revision sections reinforce skills. Mid-term revisions appear as NAPLAN-style questions with full practise tests included in Years 3 – 6.

Targeting Mental Maths

Targeting Mental Maths series improves students’ mental maths strategies and recall of basic facts.


Full Assessment Program Included.

Regular Revision

Full Assessment Program

Topic-based assessments include sections that test skills at three levels of understanding — basic, sound and high.

More than 40 Assessments included in each Teaching Guide.

Interactive versions of all assessments on the CD-ROM.

Cumulative and summative assessment opportunities.

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