Excel HSC Maths Extension 1 Book Pack

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Excel HSC Maths Extension 1 Book Pack

Our Excel HSC Maths Extension 1 Book Pack has been specifically designed to help Year 12 students thoroughly revise all topics in the Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 course and prepare for their assessments to get the results they want! Save 20% for three Excel resources, that have been specifically written for the Australian Curriculum Mathematics course.

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed:

Excel Success One HSC Topic-By-Topic Mathematics Extension 1 2023 Edition

Revise the smart way with Excel Success One HSC Topic-By-Topic Mathematics Extension 1 2023 Edition. Use this guide during the year to practise HSC questions whenever you have completed a topic in class and need to study for a topic test, assessment task or lastly for the HSC Exam. Includes Thirty-one years of past HSC questions: questions from 1992 to 2022 HSC papers.

Excel Success One HSC Mathematics Extension 1 2024 Edition

This book includes:

  • 2011–2023 Past HSC Mathematics Extension 1 papers. To ensure productive use of your time, in each paper we have indicated which questions are not examinable in the current Mathematics Extension 1 syllabus.
  • Bonus questions from the Mathematics Extension 1 syllabus. After every one of the 2011–2019 HSC past papers we provide you with lots of specially written questions on the current syllabus topics, such as Vectors and Differential Equations, to replace those questions that are no longer examinable in these papers. This will allow you to practise complete papers worth 70 marks for the Mathematics Extension 1 syllabus.
  • The 2020 and 2023 HSC Examination papers.
  • Worked answers for every question. These answers are: detailed and easy to understand written by experienced HSC markers.

  • Excel Year 11 & 12 Mathematics Extension 1

    This NEW full-colour format has even more features to help students succeed in Year 11 and 12 Mathematics Extension 1, ensuring students know each topic's key points, to revise effectively for upcoming HSC Exams. 

    The Study guide includes great examples with worked solutions, lots of practice questions to complete, and handy tips to help students understand questions and examples.

    In-depth HSC exam- type questions are included to practise, with mark distribution in answers, which teaches students how to earn top marks.  


    • Further Work With Functions
    • Trigonometric Functions
    • Calculus
    • Combinatorics
    • Proof by Mathematical Induction
    • Sample HSC Examination papers

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