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Our Excel Mathematics Book Pack Year 7 gives students the range of skills across Fractions, Problem Solving, Practice Tests and the revision to get the results they want! Save 20% for four Excel Essential Skills and Test resources, that have been specifically written for the Australian Curriculum Mathematics course.

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed:

Excel Year 7 Mathematics Practice Tests

Provides students with extensive test and exam practice at all levels in Year 7, in the topics they cover in class. This way students will get the practice they need to excel at their class tests and exams. This book covers all the topics in Year 7 Australian Curriculum Mathematics.

Excel Essential Skills - Mathematics Revision & Exam Workbook Year 7

This book is suitable for students of all abilities studying Year 7 Mathematics. It has been specifically written to help students revise their work and succeed in all their class tests, half-yearly and yearly exams. This is a revised and extended edition with over fifty extra pages of work for students to complete, and two hundred pages of practice exercises.

Excel Essential Skills - The Complete Fractions Workbook Year 7

The workbook of fractions for Year 7 is designed to make students feel confident in the basic processes of fractions. It will help satisfy the needs of slower learners, and provide enrichment opportunities for quicker learners. The step-by-step explanations and the many practice exercises will guarantee students' understanding of the work.

Excel Essential Skills - Problem Solving Workbook Year 7

Refine your problem-solving skills and get the results you want! Provides students with the skills they require to excel in both the problem solving and reasoning proficiency strands of the Year 7 Maths curriculum. With a focus on 50 different Key Skills and 6 revision tests at both average and challenging difficulty levels included.

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