Excel Success One HSC Topic-By-Topic Mathematics Standard 2 2022 Edition

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About This Book

Revise the smart way! Use this guide during the year to practise HSC questions whenever you have completed a topic in class and need to study for a topic test, assessment task or lastly for the HSC Exam.

This all-new book includes:

Twenty-one years of past HSC questions: questions from 2001 to 2021 HSC papers and over 1200 past HSC questions to practise that:

✔ Are conveniently organised into syllabus topics - this way you can revise each topic thoroughly when you finish studying it during Year 11 or 12, and then again when you are preparing for the HSC.

✔  Are arranged with the most recent questions first - this way you can revise the most recent past HSC questions first.

✔  Have their level of difficulty indicated - easy, medium or hard - so you can tailor your revision to your needs and get feedback on your proficiency in the topic.

✔  Have fully worked solutions with ticks to indicate marks - this allows you to check how to do each question and to know the suggested mark allocation for each part of the working out.


About this book

Self-assessment summary

Year 11:

- Algebra

- Formulae and equations

- Linear relationships

1. Measurement:

- Practicalities of measuring

- Perimeter, area and volume

- Units of energy and mass

2. Financial mathematics:

- Interest and depreciation

- Earning and managing money

- Budgeting and household expenses

3. Statistical analysis:

- Classifying and representing data

- Summary statistics

- Relative frequency and probability

Year 12:

1. Algebra:

- Simultaneous linear equations

- Non-linear relationships

2. Measurement:

- Non-right-angled trigonometry

- Rates and ratio

3. Financial mathematics:

- Investments

- Depreciation and loans

- Annuities

4. Statistical analysis:

- Bivariate data analysis

- The normal distribution

5. Networks:

- Network concepts

- Shortest paths

- Critical path analysis

Formulae sheet

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April 2022
Excel Success One
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