Inspired by Nature

Be inspired by the tranquil, calming and regenerative Inspired by Nature gift book series, new from Steve Parish. Perfect for the home, personal reflection, or as a gift for a loved one, this eight book series offers insights into creating a rich and fulfilling life, connected to soul and nature. There is no handbook to life given to us when we enter this world. We are born into a diversity of life situations, in which we grow, learn, adapt and search- each of us finding our own path. These inspirational gift books aim to help you on your journey, and appreciate the moments when time stops and space is created, when emotions fade, stress disappears and life's true meaning is revealed. Each book in this series features stunning full-colour images of Australian landscapes, flora and fauna alongside uplifting and inspirational quotes and life lessons.

Be inspired anywhere with the Inspired by Nature range now available for download as Kindle eBooks* and  Apple iBooks. For a limited time, you can relax with Inspired by Nature Freedom FREE as an iPad iBook, or as a Kindle eBook for the low price of $1.99 (RRP $7.99).

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*The Kindle App is suitable for Nexus Tablets, Samsung Tablets and iPads, however it is not available for black and white Kindle readers.

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