ABC Reading Eggs Year 1 Essentials Book Pack

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Our ABC Reading Eggs Year 1 Essentials Book Pack provides your child with the essentials for going into Year 1 including numeracy, reading, writing and problem solving skills! Save 20% off with our ABC Reading Eggs Book Pack bundle for Year 1!

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed this year:

The ABC Reading Eggs Reading Skills Year 1 Book builds skills in phonics, phonological awareness, handwriting and reading comprehension, as well as high-frequency sight words. With 60 easy-to-follow, self-paced lessons, this book covers 240 essential skills needed to achieve early reading success.

The ABC Mathseeds - Flashcards are a great way to introduce and reinforce the early maths concepts young children need. With these cards you can play a variety of games while practising fundamental early maths skills. This set contains cards to help introduce and reinforce counting and number recognition to 20, early addition and subtraction skills, colours, 2D and 3D shapes, size and time.

The ABC Reading Eggspress - Spelling Workbook - Year 1 helps students learn, use and apply their spelling skills across a range of online questions types and written activities. It gives them the opportunity to use new spelling rules and strategies; to improve their proofreading abilities; and boosts vocabulary development for improvements in writing.

The ABC Mathseeds Maths Skills Year 1 Book provides step-by-step lessons that children really enjoy. This workbook helps children improve skills in number, addition, subtraction, geometry, and measurement in just 15 minutes a day! With 50 easy-to-achieve lessons, this full-colour workbook covers the 200 essential skills your child needs to excel in mathematics.

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