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Excel Basic Skills - Basic Reading Skills Years 3 - 4

Our Excel Basic Skills - Basic Reading Skills Years 3 - 4 Book Pack gives students the range of skills across Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation they need to get the results they want! Save up to 20% for four Excel Basic Skills resources, that have been specifically written for the Australian Curriculum.

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed:

Excel Basic Skills - Writing Skills Years 3 - 4

This Excel Basic Skills: Writing Skills book is designed to help Years 3-4 students develop and increase their creative writing skills. It is a clear and practical guide to writing well-structured, grammatically correct English. The book is divided into units based on various narrative and non-fiction text types. Each unit provides a model text, then a variety of practical exercises that cover the important grammar, vocabulary and punctuation points to be learned when writing for that specific text type.

Excel Basic Skills - Spelling and Vocabulary Years 3 - 4

Excel Basic Skills: Spelling and Vocabulary Years 3–4 is essential for students who wish to improve their language skills. Your child will practise basic spelling rules through activities which present them in context. Units include silent letters, plurals, capitals, suffixes and prefixes, letter patterns and blends. Provides interesting exercises to help children increase their vocabulary and gain confidence in reading and writing.

Excel Basic Skills - Basic Reading Skills Years 3 - 4

The Basic Reading Skills series aims to help primary-aged children with reading and comprehension using short pieces of writing. Each page comprises a self-contained, one-page exercise, ensuring children only need to focus on one simple activity at a time. Includes Sixty-four units of work, a range of reading skills and easy-to-follow tasks.

Excel Basic Skills - Grammar and Punctuation Years 3 - 4

Excel Grammar and Punctuation Years 3–4 is designed to help children increase their word knowledge and general language skills. Students are introduced to simple grammatical terms and punctuation marks through activities that present them in context. Through the mastery tests provided, parents and teachers are easily able to locate areas where difficulty is being experienced and then guide the child to the appropriate activities to assist him/her.

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