Excel Basic Skills Mathematics Book Pack Year 1

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Excel Basic Skills Mathematics Book Pack Year 1

Our Excel Basic Skills Mathematics Year 1 Book Pack gives students the range of skills across Mathematics, Mental Maths Strategies, Money, Time and Fractions they need to get the results they want! Save up to 20% for four Excel Basic Skills resources, that have been specifically written for the Australian Curriculum.

This pack contains the following titles to help your child succeed:

Excel Basic Skills - Mathematics Year 1

The aim of this book is to build basic skills in Mathematics. The format of each unit is exactly the same so that each question covers the same Australian Curriculum topics throughout the book. The content of the questions becomes progressively more difficult as students work through the book. The sequence of units allows for regular practice that will reinforce the basic Mathematics skills taught in schools. Includes thirty graded units of work on Australian Curriculum Mathematics, four revision units and four NAPLAN-style Tests.

Excel Basic Skills - Mental Maths Strategies Year 1

Mental Maths is the maths we do in our heads without the use of calculators and without writing down the calculation. Mental Maths strategies are the 'tricks' we use to do Maths is our heads. There are different ways of finding the answer to any Mental Maths problem, and such strategies are the focus of this series. Excel Basic Skills: Mental Maths Strategies Year 2 contains 32 units of work, with eight units of work for each school term.

Excel Basic Skills - Money, Time and Fractions Years 1-2

Excel Basic Skills Money, Time and Fractions Years 1–2 will help your child excel in the Australian Curriculum and NAPLAN topics of Money, Time and Fractions. Tips, explanations and numerous exercises are provided in each unit to ensure your child gains the necessary mastery of these important syllabus areas. Upon completing the book, your child will feel confident in these topics.

Excel Basic Skills - Working With Numbers Year 1

Excel Basic Skills - Working With Numbers Year 1 is designed help Year 1 students become confident in working with numbers. This book follows the Year 1 Australian Curriculum Mathematics syllabus closely to provide all Year 1 students with a solid mathematical foundation. Suited for children in Year 1, aged 6-7, this book contains more than one hundred activities on number skills such as counting, sequencing, adding, subtracting and grouping numbers.

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