Excel Essential Skills

The Excel Essential Skills series provides students with extensive practice of essential skills at the secondary level. The 40 write-in workbooks cover English, Mathematics and Science for Years 7 to 10. Books include:

• English workbooks covering the complete year’s work
• English workbooks that focus on particular skills including Essay Writing Step-by-Step, Developing Your Comprehension Skills, All You Need to Know About Grammar, Student Grammar and Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation, Writing and Spelling, and Reading and Vocabulary. All books contain useful revision features that facilitate independent learning.
• Excel’s extremely popular Mathematics Revision & Exam Workbooks that focus on extensive drill and practice, with topic tests and sample exams
• Mathematics workbooks that focus on specific topics which include titles such as Problem Solving, Step-by-Step Algebra, Complete Fractions, Calculator and Non-Calculator
• Science workbooks covering key aspects of the year’s work.

Answers are provided for all questions, with additional worked solutions in the Problem Solving Workbooks. All books in the series were written for the Australian Curriculum by experienced educators.